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Red, White & Blue

Red, White & Blue NEVER goes out of style.

Are you searching for a color scheme that will last throughout the years? Red, white and blue is the answer. The timeless three colors compliment each other and never go out of style! The colors truly fit in any room, but we suggest trying them out in the kitchen, family room or in a boy’s bedroom! Paint your living room and kitchen walls light yellow, this will open up the space and allow light to flow in. Yellow will tie together the red, white and blue and will allow the space to feel open and home-y. The best part of this color scheme is, you can choose from various shades of the colors. Off white, light blue, navy, deep red, or barn house red, the combinations are endless! Play around with the color scheme, you won’t regret it! As for the boys room- the typical red, white and navy blue will be a hit. Nothing is more neutral yet pulled together than those three colors. Here are some examples that we LOVE!