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Natural Light

Did you know that natural light has a calming and peaceful effect on people? Find ways to bring natural light into your home to create a beautiful space while also boosting your mood!  Create a zen start of your day, everyday, by allowing natural light to flow into your room. Lack of light creates a closed off feeling which needs to be avoided in your home. Here is some ways to incorporate natural light into the spaces of your home.

Keep the floor light- flooring is super important when it comes to letting the natural light come in! Choose neutral colors for your carpets and rugs! Light floor finishes will help enhance the natural light in any room instantly, and it will make the space feel larger!

Avoid large/dark furniture- large and dark furniture adds a visual weight to the room, which creates a closed off space and doesn’t allow light to freely enter the room. Try adding light finishes and light furniture to your space, this will compliment the natural light that comes in.

Mirrors- Adding a mirror to a space in your home will maximize the natural light entering your room! A well placed mirror will become your best friend. Place a mirror on the opposite wall of your windows and the light will reflect beautifully!