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Crazy About Carpet!

Carpet tends to be a hit or a miss in a home. In our eyes, carpet in your home is a home run! Need more convincing? Look no further, we are here to tell you the top rooms in your home that could use some comfortable carpeting and a few reasons why!

First, carpet is the perfect fit for a majority of rooms in your home! A carpet can be customized to fit any size and space in your home. Carpet comes in a variety of colors, textures and styles! This means more options for your home to make it the most comfortable place for your feet. A carpet has many perks, they offer a comfortable feeling, they are soft, luxurious, reduces noise around your home, safer and they are just simply beautiful!

The rooms in your home that could be improved with a carpet:

1.The Bedroom:

Imagine the feeling of your feet leaving your cozy, warm bed and being placed into yet, another comfortable location, your carpet! Start everyday the cozy way and install carpet into your bedroom, your feet will thank you later. When you start your day with the welcoming feel of the comfortable carpet, you are immediately put into a positive mood. Nothing is better than a luxurious carpet surrounding your bedroom. A light carpet on the floor of your bedroom can immediately make the space feel larger and more inviting with the addition of natural light balancing everything out.

2. Home Theatre:

A home theatre is a luxury. The comfortable and cozy space can only be enhanced with a warm carpet under your toes. A massive couch or comfortable movie seating arrangements can be placed on top of the carpet and only enhance the luxurious look and feel of the room. Match the throw blankets to your carpet for a look that is  pulled together beautifully! Kick back, relax, remove your shoes and prepare for immediate comfort during any movie in this home theatre!

3. Basement:

A basement, man cave or kids play area may seem intimidating at first to put a carpet down, but trust us, we know the comfort is worth it! Whether you are entertaining or playing around with the kids, seating may become tight, but a cozy carpet will feel just as inviting for your family and guests. If an area has heavy traffic flowing through, add a rug to layer the style and create a piece of mind for you. This will help keep your carpet from becoming stained quickly, and will add flavor to your floor! The layering technique can also be used when dealing with a kids play area, this will give them a large space designated for them! Any mishaps will be taken care of with a textured and pattern rug to offset itself from the carpet. A carpet in a basement is definitely a comfortable and smart way to decorate your space!