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Create a “Lived In” Space:

Don’t make your space feel “new”, rather make sure it feels “lived in”. When redoing a space, the cleanest and most modern look is not always the homey result you want, instead update any space to give off a “lived in” feel. Guests will feel welcomed and comfortable and the space will be a hit!

Tips to achieve the “lived in” feel:

Layer your rugs:

Start from the ground up. Hardwood floors in your room? A carpet? Either or, does not matter and both will help you achieve the look when you add layers to your floor. Create a “lived in” space by adding a rug and then top it off with yet, another rug. Double the rugs will add comfort for allĀ feet. Choose rugs with varying textures, colors and patterns. This will create the desired “lived in”, comfortable feel.

Blanket Overload:

Nothing is more comfortable then cuddling up in a massive amount of warm blankets! Create the “lived in” feel with a room filled with throws, blankets and comfortable options to cozy up on the couch with. Bring on neutral throws with a variety of texture!

Vintage Additions:

The mixing of vintage and modern design elements, accessories and style will create the most ultimate “lived in” feeling! Head to your local antique shop and find some hidden gems to decorate any room in your home with. Transform a vintage piece of furniture by adding modern elements to it. Bring on the DIY projects! Vintage accessories will be the key to creating a “lived in” space.