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BOLD or Nude?

Be bold or keep it nude?

A noutouriously nude room or a bold room seeking to make a statement? Both on opposite ends of the design spectrum, yet both fabulous! Here is why you should either go nude or be bold in your home and what rooms we feel fit each stereotype best!

Be nude: Walk in closet-

Elegant? A place of peace and deep thought? Of course no-one was expecting a walk in closet to be the topic of conversation, but it is important for the topic of nude. Go nude in your walk in closet! Picking out outfits can either be  a mundane task or sometimes fun, depending on the person! Either way, it is important to keep this room neutral. White cabinets will help your clothes be seen easily, and will tie the natural tones coming from the wall, carpet and window arrangements! We recommend a cozy carpet for your toes, a lighter tan tone will do the trick! For a little flavor, pick a nude toned carpet with a timeless and classy pattern! You can then pull the nude tones from the carpet and place them around the closet in other areas. A nude wall color slightly darker then the carpet will pull the room together. Pick colors from your pattern rug to be used for accessories around the closet.  The natural light from the windows will compliment the nude tones in the closet and make getting ready in the morning an extra esthetically pleasing experience!

Be BOLD: Living Room-

Feeling bold? Want to create a statement for every guest that enters your home? Start with the walls! Splash all or just one accent wall with a bold color! We recommend navy. A navy wall can bring in a variety of colors; yellow, gold, pink, red, lighter shades of blue, green and so much more! This bold wall color will create a space that can constantly be played around with and added to, accessory wise. Compliment the walls with dark brown or white furniture, this will help slightly tone down the bold walls. Tie everything together with a rug that hints at the navy walls or perfectly compliments the walls with colors listed above.